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Janet Maines

Having a career as a graphic designer in my own firm for 30 years has been a true benefit translating to my portrait drawing. Experience has not only taught me the importance of composition, tonal value and texture, but also the need for accuracy in every detail - vitally important for a commissioned portrait. Through the process of working with a client, I build a relationship to learn more about their personality and unique traits. The twinkle in the eyes or twist to a grin is what gives a portrait its visual and spiritual likeness. The client must feel part of the process from the initial meeting through the photo session and to completion. Relationship is everything.

I am a member of the Portrait Society of America and Artists Network. Within the Shreveport Regional Arts Council, I am both a Northwest Louisiana Artist Roster and Collectible Artist. I have earned awards in local, national, and international competitions, including with the Portrait Society of America and the Art Renewal Center (ARC). 

My immediate goal is to continue expanding into different mediums, including oils. My most exciting moment was having my art included aboard NASA's and Intuitive Machine's flight of Odysseus, the Lunar Lander that now resides on the South Pole of the moon. Thank you for visiting my site and feel free to contact me.

The Progression

See the progress of a portrait from the initial reference photograph to the finished piece. One stop at a time, the portrait evolves and comes to life.


I immediately took note of Janet's amazing gifts - to not only capture the required likeness of her subject, but to also touch into the soul. Her particular attention to expression goes beyond what's seemingly present. Her completed works have an intimacy and depth I've rarely seen in typical portraiture.

Jim H.

Jim H.

Professional Artist

I've been impressed with Janet's work for a long time, but she found her passion and true talent in portraits. When I saw her work in a gallery exhibition, I knew I had to commission her on the spot for a portrait of our grandson. Her portraits come alive. They take your breath away.

Blake S.

Blake S.


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