This News Cannot Be Topped!

Because the portrait of Roux, the pit bull, entitled "YOU Fetch" was awarded runner-up in the Best Pastel category in 2022 at the 15th Annual Art Renewal Center Salon Competition, (one of the most prestigious international competitions for realism in art I might add!), the painting was selected to be included in the Lunar Codex that was part of the Odysseus payload. NASA and Intuitive Machines launched the first successful U.S. mission to the moon since the last Apollo flight in 1972. It landed on February 22, 2024, at a location on the South Pole of the moon called Malapert A where it should live happily for the next billion years, experts say! So when you look up in the starry sky and gaze at the moon, look at the bottom and slightly to the left. If you search hard enough, you may catch a glimpse of Roux wagging her tail!

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