Commission Info

Here are four simple steps to arranging the purchase of a commissioned portrait. It's simple and something you will always cherish for years and even generations to come.


Decide What You'd Like

Browse through the portrait samples on the portfolio page. Determine what medium would best suit your tastes. Think about how large of a portrait your space will accommodate including framing. The larger the image, the more detail can be included making the portrait more realistic. Decide if you'd prefer head and shoulders only, half body, or full figure.


Check Pricing Guide

Once you have a basic idea of what you'd like to commission, take a look at the pricing guide. If you would like pricing for watercolor or pastel, please contact me with your request. There are discounts for multiple subjects within a single portrait or multiple individual portraits contracted at the same time.

Gather Reference Photos

Reach out to me and we can discuss favorite photographic references you might already have or if a photo session might be necessary. A good quality, high resolution photo is a must in order for me to accurately see the detail of the features and capture the spirit of the subject. The better the reference, the better the finished portrait.

Sign the Contract and Begin!

At that point, I will send you a contract to sign and return along with your initial payment. The planning is now complete and work can commence. Progress images are supplied along the way so there is opportunity for minor tweaks if necessary. Once the portrait is completed, the balance is due.

I offer gicleé prints in various sizes at a reasonable cost to share with family and friends, as well as assistance in selecting framing locally at no charge if desired.
Graphite Portraits
  • Sizes from 11"x14" to 22"x30"
  • Head & shoulders to full body
  • Choose how much detail
  • Discounts for multiple subjects
  • Price $650 to $2,400

Charcoal Portraits

Sizes from 11"x14" to 22"x30"
Head & shoulders to full body
Black on white paper or black & white on toned
Discounts for multiple subjects
Price $450 to $925

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